Hello, I was born in the year 85 in Valladolid, where I've grown and I've developed my skills, from here I would like to become a part of my main objective, which is to establish a balance between professional and personal development through a set of accessible work, carrying out tasks and assuming leadership responsibilities both direct and indirect own the post held at the time.

I consider myself an expert in knowledge, design and implementation of various construction techniques that achieve quality standards, efficiency and ecology. All this by applying the new technologies available to us today.

From my training include that I can be a complete manager of building projects, from the administrative procedures, measurements, surveys and assessments, counseling materials and facilities, studies and economic evaluations of promotions, to the direction and control of materials constructions, detection of pathologies and construction deficiencies, rehabilitation and conservation of buildings, etc..

I love doing what I do.





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2015 - Present

Armoniza Grupo Empresarial

Equity manager / Technical architect

In this new phase of my life, development of a manager 's own equity , including the management of potential returns that can be obtained from real estate assets it included tasks : to analyze and decide on the best option in each case , that is, the direct use of these assets , the sale or rental ; I also take care of the maintenance or enhancement of heritage: I compare budgets to determine who performs maintenance and manages and monitors these maintenance

I make the real estate market studies (prospective market research of various segments ) .

I analyze financial markets and their evolution.

Study and analyze the fiscal and legal system related to both personal property and, especially , to real estate to define the best options for investment and profitability.

According to these analyzes , I advise (external and internal ) customers on the best choice for investment.

2010 - 2014

Academia Punto PC

General Manager

For development in this position as an independent, should focus on a single person, the necessary capability on the one hand serve the public in general, perform the repair on computer equipment which are in the center and finally be able to teach students who are taken during the day, in that they require, courses word, excel, access and powerpoint also graphic design, autocad and corel draw.

2009 - 2009

Game Spain

Shop assistant in GAME

The customer is the strong point of "Game" and those who join must have a strong customer focus and interest them start their career in the commercial area.

In my case I was developing in Game until the completion of my studies

2007 - 2008


Assistant Project Manager

During my stay in Collosa I could improve skills such as the making of measurements, proformas, reporting. He carried out the relationship with subcontractors, material RFQs, and less execution control.

Along with a comprehensive Quality Department quality control of the work (Quality, Safety and Environment) and the development of new quality control systems for the management system of the company itself was running. Integration and adaptation to the new rules of the control systems implementing the work.

2005 - 2007


Staff team

Ensure customer satisfaction 100% working with all restaurant equipment, both in relation to the development of a fast, reliable, friendly and courteous service in a clean and safe environment, and respect for the highest standards of quality Service and Cleanliness (CSL), required by the company at all times. Are actively involved in learning all areas of the restaurant.

2004 - 2005


Pizza Delivery Home

Started my career in motorcycle Telepizza as delivery takeaways to individuals and businesses in the vicinity of the center, kitchen and helping with chores final process of elaboration.

2005 - 2009


Technical Architect

Technical Architecture Graduate form with all the necessary competence to perform such activities fall within the framework of specific powers established by law. Also, through this plan the student will obtain the body of knowledge needed to undertake research activities that contribute to society tools that contribute to innovation and the development of all disciplines involved.

1998 - 2005

I.E.S Jose Zorrilla

Scientific-technical School

It is characterized by the integration of different fields of knowledge such as physics, chemistry and technology with the instrumental support of mathematics and drawing

Final Project

Building Restoration of the Old Flour Mill in Simancas

First Job

Office Building Centrolid

Final Work Bioclimatic Architecture

Fisher House bioclimatic adaptation

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Website design for my business

Graphic Design